Monday, 16 December 2013

9 Ladies Dancing!

E: For Christmas this year, I'm spending it at home in Whitley bay (Newcastle) in the flat I share with my boyfriend. I've done a lot of festive drawings over the last week to get me into the mood for Christmas. I've also designed my own Christmas cards this year for family and friends. I'm hoping some of these designs will also be included in the Christmas card collection for sale next year.

Woodland creatures and knitwear seem to be the theme that runs throughout my designs. You'll be seeing a lot more these drawings in the near future.

G: In this last week before the end of the festivities, I have finally made my design! It is a combination of several other designs I have been drawing throughout these past two months, mainly in the times that it gets quiet at work and I look over at the beautifully set up Christmas tree, lights and ornaments that surround and let my mind wonder on from there.

I'll be spending my Christmas with my immediate family and since having not seen them for the best part of this year, it is exactly where I will love to be next week. This is my design:

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