Friday, 31 January 2014

Creative Space

Today we decided its about time we showed you lot what we call our main creative spaces. As we both work on our collective and individual projects; the walls, and any space that allows to be covered in paper gets it's fair share of  blue tack and paint! I like to think it is a good representation of your mental state and the creative process. That's why when it comes to keeping it clear and ordered, it is quite therapeutic - essentially you're organising your thoughts. 

G: I've stretched my legs lately and ventured outdoors. Recently I have been working on a project with Clare Pryke that involves location drawing, in and around the Folkestone town centre. Making those earwarmers I made last month, very(!) handy; although my pitfall is that I can't stay outside drawing any longer than an hour. Cold hands are barely functional hands.


E: My creative space spreads throughout my flat, but mainly my studio is where my creativity is based. My walls are covered with artwork, photos, ideas and blank pieces of large paper. When I've been drawing on one illustration for too long, I like to take a break and vent random drawings onto those blank pieces of paper. My studio is the messiest room in the flat, probably because of the lack of furniture in there I'm not able to keep everything organised the way I want to keep it.

What state is your creative space in today?

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Plans and Knits

A year ago I knitted an ear warmer for a close friend (similar to the one I made in the first picture), I loved it so much I made one for myself.

I've been so cold these past few months so while catching up on all my Netflix and YouTube addictions I've been attempting to multi-task by knitting more items than i actually need. Which is a pretty good enough reason to add them to the list of items to sell in the Esty shop! 

But for now, click here* to download the February planner I made and start organising your February early, along with us.

*Edit - Above link has now been updated due to some tiny errors! Sorry for any inconveniences.