Sunday, 15 December 2013

About Me

Handmade Drawn founded by Grace Nikobari in 2011 (formerly know as Handmade books, gifts and prints) is a shop that had it's origins in exhibition galleries and spaces. A way to showcase the work that Grace and her fellow illustrators created whilst studying at the University For the Create Arts.

Due to the success of these shops which were run with help from close friends, they started selling their work at markets and art fairs and soon online.

Whilst preparations to launch the Etsy shop in 2014 get underway, this blog will be kept updated with work in progress, other projects and news, and snippets of finished products.

Here is a little bit about Grace, and where to find her elsewhere online:

Grace Nikobari

Grace is a tea loving, all round creative who is currently based in Birmingham. She often uses the locations around her to create illustrations which have a simplistic style, using little of the medium and more of the space within the paper, which creates eye catching and emotive pieces of artwork.
She doesn't limit herself to illustration, she is also a very talented musician and a brilliant craftswoman. She designs and hand creates delicate and beautiful brooches that have gone on to sell very successfully at markets and fairs and soon will be available to purchase online.

Thank you for visiting the blog, stay updated to share in the progress.

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