Monday, 28 April 2014

May Planner

Current background on Twitter.

This is a pattern that originated as a sketch in a makeshift sketchbook that (one cold month ago in a market in Canterbury) I developed more and created some hand painted greeting cards to keep my hands warm, and keep myself busy. These greeting cards will be appearing on the Etsy shop in a greeting card form.

Overall April has been a busy month, with lots of new starts, and risks taken. I'm really glad to have collaborated on various projects with Clare Pyrke, Emily Hline, and most recently Louise Johnson who is a talented photographer and will be working on some stock photography for Handmade Drawn. If you haven't already check out this talented photographer's work!

As promised here is the May planner, so lets start planning, and figure out what May may have in store for us all. Click this link to download!

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