Friday, 18 April 2014


Earlier in the week I tweeted that Handmade Drawn is going to be paused for a short while, this is due to a change in how it's going to be run, which will be solely as an own venture by Grace Nikobari.

But don't worry, the news of this change isn't entirely a shadow on the progress made, as it has brought about new ideas such as featuring other artists, illustrators, and makers on the blog and possibly to sell in the etsy shop.

Looking back this isn't a completely new idea as when Handmade Drawn started in 2011 it was a way of showcasing the work of myself and fellow artists that were interested in selling their work. Allowing collaboration, and exposure of the talented practitioners and their work.

While planning for the new direction of Handmade Drawn gets underway please do follow on twitter and instagram as well, as I will keep those spaces updated regularly.

All this in mind, if you yourself are a creative or know of such a talented being that wants to be featured on the blog, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!

Twitter: @handmadedrawn
Instagram: @handmadedrawn

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