Friday, 23 May 2014

Nicely Done

Things are coming together nicely, if you aren't already you can follow me on Instagram where I post more in progress photos and updates. Last week I received a lot of positive feedback on the new logo and idea so I decided to go with it, thank you to all who suggested ideas to think about and since there is a nice new logo to work with I've started work on contact cards designs. Definitely looking to get back to basics and get involved in some local fairs and markets with a couple of new friends next month. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Logo Design idea no.1

Lately my printer has been jamming a lot lately, which isn't great as I began to rely on it now! Although it is very old. An office printer that is probably meant for the usual type of printing that doesn't use various different types o paper. Today I did manage to try out a new logo idea to be turned into a stamp. I tested it out by printing on parcel paper to see how well it sits as a design next to the products I have already made.
Definitely a good time to refresh the logo design. For other logo designs I have sketched out you can see them on my instagram.